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To make sure you don't lose your work, you have 2 options:

  • install the Google Drive, which will add a disk to your computer, so you can access cloud files just as you do any other file on your computer
  • if you don't want to install a cloud storage driver on your computer, download the document you want to work on as RTF:
    • under kchuka Docs, put a checkmark next to the file you want to get
    • from the Actions menu (above the checkboxes), choose Download
    • on the panel that opens choose the format (RTF), then save it on your computer
    • edit it with whatever document editor you fancy
    • save it, then go back to kchuka Docs, press the Upload button (under the jug logo)
    • choose the file you worked on your computer on and it will appear among the other files in kchuka Docs

The drawback of the method described above is that we'll wind up with a plethora of file versions... The good part is that you won't lose your work if something happens to the online file. In a nutshell, the advantage and disadvantage of cloud computing :)

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