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Discussion of ZBBD's purpose
results of brainstorm to determine how to present it as a tool and give examples of how the views on the data can be used

  • by the DevTeam to keep track of any useful documentation data we still have about the site
  • by the archaeologist as reference
  • by the archaeologist to see/add new relationships
  • by students to play around with some of the data, exploring concepts and terminology in playful ways
  • by students in Archaeology, as a case study or
  • by the general public to browse the site

This would best be a catalogue of all the data we have and any relationships we can find/add between them:

Below you can see screenshots of the interface as it was in the last version in Filemaker (1996, content last edited in 2000). These are the layouts we will be using to present the data in a CSS3+Ajax web interface here.

Splash screen Credits Shapes Rim descriptions Neck description Handle or Lug description Shoulder description Body description Base description Color description Location of decorations Decoration User choice Help layout List header List footer Add/Edit layouts View layouts Print layouts

Files from the lab

During the years of the excavation, various teams prepared procedure documents, trench supervisor diaries? and other documents.

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